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“Oral Care offers state of the art Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry at affordable pricing. Dr. Erendira and her staff are perfectionists, with the highest degree of expertise and skill. The dental work I had done was excellent and the customer service and friendly atmosphere was far superior to anything in Canada or the United States”

Brian Reid, British Columbia , Canada

Dra. Erendira, Rudy and Ann Lackovick

Denisse Trudell

Rudy and Ann Lackovick and Dr. Abimael

Ken Blanchard 29 Douglas Glen Circle SE
Alberta, Canada
T2Z 3T2
March 22nd 2012

This is a story and experience with my dental work with OralCare,

My name is Ken Blanchard from Calgary, Alberta, Canada . I am 66 years old and I have been in construction all my life, and never had the money to look after my teeth or a good dental plan till the later years. Some teeth had been removed over the years and the few I had left where ground down. I went to Mexico with my motorhome in 2010 to a town called La Penita, Nayarit. I enquired about dental work and was informed of Oralcare. Work commenced in 2011 First I had deep cleaning then followed by a small operation to have my gums cut so he could put on caps or bridges ., my teeth where too small This need time to heal. The next part was to have root canals to any teeth that required them this was done by the specialists from Guadalajara, Dr Erendira Arreola Gomez and Dr Abimael Marín Fernandez, I had 3 root canals and 2 implants into my gums this was a long surgery 5-6 hours (I must say at this time that I had very little pain) I would have had more implants but my gums had receded and where too narrow to put any more in. After a week or so impressions where taken and temporary teeth made and fitted these seemed okay but on a check up for a future appointment Dr Pablo was not satisfied with my temporaries and made and fitted another set at no extra charge. Finally I was fitted with my front upper and lower teeth; Dr Pablo took time to make sure everything was perfect it took over 3 hours. I finally had teeth this took 2 months there was hardly any pain and the doctors and staff where very professional, friendly ad sincere in their work.

I arrived back in La Penita Nov 2011 to commence work. On going back the Doctors Erendira & Abimael put in another implant this was new type which was not available the year before but it would be faster healing within 3 months and ready by the time I was to leave to go back to Canada, I arrived at the clinic which is a state of the art facility Dr Erendira was meticulous very patient and caring for myself and to get

I have now finished with the dental work and the overhaul experience from start to finish was fantastic. I now smile. The care, professionalism, overall good feelings about the entire dentist work & the wonderful staff I just cannot put into words I just say Thank You, Thank you.

The cost came in below the estimate, the teeth are guaranteed, the service first class. I would recommend this company and the specialists to anyone. Also I have traveled over 8000klms in Mexico without any problems Mexican people are just wonderful people, and not about all you hear in the USA & Canadian news


Ken Blanchard


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